Seminar Leadership

Thomas Kalajian is an award-winning public speaker with Toastmasters International, an experienced seminar developer and leader, and an accomplished Master of Ceremonies, achieving the level of Competent Toastmaster in Toastmasters International with additional advanced studies completed in seminar and presentation skills.

Thomas Kalajian has a unique talent for making complex ideas easily come alive so they make real sense for immediate use. He knows how to boil ideas down into their simple elements so they easily become simple to implement for busy business owners.  Examples of the broad range of subjects include:

  • Business development and growth
  • Strategic planning
  • Non-accounting performance measurement: Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors
  • Customer service strategies
  • Business communication and telephone skills
  • Tax-cutting strategies
  • Business valuation methods and valuation improvement strategies
  • Medical practice management, including medical reimbursements, office management, maximizing cash flow and detection and prevention of embezzlement
  • Effective new telephone and communication skills for business growth
  • Building team acceptance to change
  • Working with team members to embrace customer service initiatives
  • Overall improvement in business management skills for small business owners.

Thomas Kalajian’s seminars, speeches and workshops have included the following titles:

  • “32 Ways to Boost Your Bottom Line”
  • “Quality Service: What It Is and How To Deliver It”
  • “Cash or Accrual Accounting: Which Is Better and Why”
  • “Boosting Your Bottom Line Beyond The Bean Counting Mentality”
  • “Fundamental Business Factors in Successful Private School Administration”
  • “Clinton’s Tax Law Changes: What They Mean For You and Your Business”
  • “Target Marketing: How To Pick Your Customers and What To Expect”
  • “Ten Steps To Optimizing Revenue In A Medical Practice”
  • “Detecting and Preventing Employee Embezzlement In A Medical Practice”
  • “Delivering Awesome Service”
  • “Phone Right: Optimizing Prospect Conversion Rates For Incoming Callers”
  • “The Key Leverage Points In Your Profit Improvement Potential”
  • “Recognizing New Opportunities In The Challenges of Change”
  • “Getting Your Business To Work For YOU”
  • “Professional Public Presentation Rules and Tips”

Some of Thomas Kalajian’s seminar invitations are shown below: