Television Broadcasting

10 Years of Community Television Broadcasting on Orange County’s OCN Cable News Channel

As a community volunteer, Thomas Kalajian covered income taxes and business development strategies for the OCN viewing community, reaching over 2 million viewers.

The Tom Kalajian reports were regularly repeated throughout the 24-hour broadcast schedule and extending for several days, consistently receiving the highest favorable responses from viewers. Thomas Kalajian’s last report was in April, 2001. OCN discontinued operations in August, 2001.

Thomas Kalajian’s security identification badge for authorization and access to OCN television studios in Santa Ana, California

Letter from Lewis Robertson, General Manager of OCN cable station congratulating Thomas Kalajian on his broadcast correspondence quality and impact on the Orange County community. Mr. Robertson became a client of Thomas Kalajian’s CPA firm for years afterward until his retirement to Florida.

Thomas Kalajian at the keyboard writing script for an upcoming broadcast on the teleprompter system while business anchor Pete Weitzner looks on.

Thomas Kalajian in conference regarding an upcoming broadcast with business anchor Pete Weitzner and technical team member.

Thomas Kalajian at the anchor desk in the OCN studios before broadcast of his commentary on business development and tax tips.

Thomas Kalajian at the OCN live call-in set at the OCN studios before broadcast with IRS representative (right) and news anchor Leslie Layton (left).

Thomas Kalajian at the OCN anchor desk at the OCN studios before broadcast with news anchor Gregory Ricks (left).