Chapman University

Guest Lecturer

Public Speaking and Leadership Skills Workshops

Thomas Kalajian has volunteered for several years to teach television broadcasting journalism students public speaking and podium skills in a recurring annual workshop given on the Chapman University campus.

Located in Orange, California, Chapman University School of Film and Television is rapidly gaining a world-wide reputation for it’s professional excellence, and providing leadership training through auxiliary resources for its students, such as the program presented by Thomas Kalajian.

Many of the graduates are thrust into positions of community leadership from the wide exposure gained from their television broadcasting careers. Therefore, they are often called upon to be speakers and masters of ceremony in community and charitable events.

They must perform well, as they will have achieved the status of a local celebrity, and their performance reflects on their employers, as well as affecting their career in the community. Yet, no formal program is offered at Chapman to prepare students to fulfill these expectations in their leadership role.

Thomas Kalajian’s workshop prepares students for basic skills in speech crafting, appropriate introductions, podium etiquette, dealing with difficult and unexpected situations, proper transitions, controlling the mood, pace and energy level of the event, maintaining grace, control and charm throughout the event, and practice in impromptu situations. The objective of this workshop is to prepare students to assume these community leadership responsibilities with greater ease, professionalism and confidence.