Orange County PBS

Record-breaking Pledge Drive on KOCE-TV – Orange County, California

Pioneering Broadcasts Break All Pledge Records on KOCE-TV

Click here to view slide presentation of March 29th record-breaking broadcast.

Thomas Kalajian was project community coordinator of the most successful pledge drive in the history of Orange County PBS station KOCE-TV, the 5th largest broadcast audience in the Public Broadcasting System.

Orange County PBS station KOCE has pioneered the broadcasting of Armenian Genocide documentaries, showing both leadership and conviction to objective journalism by being among the first in the Southern California television market to broadcast these controversial documentaries disproving the false claims by deniers, including the U.S. Department of State, successive Administrations and the government of Turkey.

The live broadcast broke many records. It earned the highest amount ever pledged in a program in the 35-year history of KOCE, breaking the record set 13 years earlier with the six-hour program of the Three Tenors.  This pledge drive earned more money in three hours than the Three Tenors earned in six hours. The total pledged was over $118,500. Station management said they would be satisfied with $15,000 and thrilled to reach $30,000.

The live program was originally broadcast on March 29, 2007 and the program continues to be rebroadcast frequently.

Certificate of Appreciation by Orange County PBS station KOCE-TV

Letter of Appreciation from Orange County PBS station KOCE-TV